Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jered Skousen Family update

I'll start off the updates, I guess.

The Jered Skousen family consists of Jered (I think), Grace Ann (my wife), Sarah Ann (14 1/2), Lisa (12), Taylor (11--he's a boy), and Adam (8 next week).
We live in Gilbert, AZ (suburb of Phoenix).

I work for National Instruments and am their best employee.
Grace Ann is loved by everyone in our current ward, our previous ward, and a ward in Page, AZ we only visited once.
All the kids are the smartest ones in their respective schools--and we have bumper stickers to prove it.
Sarah Ann plays the cello (best in her class), piano (could probably do it with her eyes closed), and is a Freshman of the Year at Mesquite High.
Lisa dances with a performance group (everyone in her group wishes they were as good as she), plays cello (best 6th grader in the state), and piano (the Brown family is always calling for advice).
Taylor is a world-class chess player, but humors the local school club each Monday, also plays cello and piano (at the top of his class) and baseball season is starting in 2 weeks (where he could play all 9 positions--at the same time).
Adam also plays chess--at a grand-master level--and piano (child prodigy).

Otherwise, not much to tell--we hate to boast.


Doney Days said...

Thanks for the update and pic Jered! Your family is growing up so fast. I remember when Grace Ann was pregnant with Sarah and due any minute at your mom's house for the 4th of July. And now she's almost 15! Did you know that Jennifer is getting married in June and is moving to the Gilbert/Mesa area? Heidi is also getting married in April. Busy, busy!

Sherie said...

So nice to see you finally living up to the Skousen name. Keep it up - you know what high expectations we all have for you.

Christian & Karen said...

Oh wow!! I better start teaching my 15 month old how to play the cello or he won't ever catch up!

Jewel said...

You forgot to add "the MOST humble family as well." LOL Good to hear the update. I sure miss Arizona, especially since it's snowing today and it's April.