Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Heather Skousen Doney fam

Hey everyone! I'm very excited to keep in touch with all of you and I think this is probably going to be the best way to do it since there are so many of us and we're so spread out. Here's an update on the Doney family:
Dan is working for PGP Corp., where they do security and encryption software. He does tech support and training and LOVES his job. He travels a little bit to train other companies how to use their software. The furthest he's traveled is to Australia. I wish I could have gone with him!
I (Heather) keep myself busy with 3 kids, teaching dance twice a week and working for a title company from home. I'm also on the compassionate service commitee, which I love doing. We had over 50 babies born in our ward last year!
Lindsay turns 5 on March 16th but seriously acts like a teenager. She's in Preschool but is dying to be in Kindergarten. She is a born dancer. The only problem is she only walks on her toes (almost always) so I'm afraid she's ruining her feet. But she does love taking tap and ballet.
Zane is 3 1/2 and is also in Preschool. He's not a very rowdy boy, which is nice, but he's very sensitive and at times it drives us crazy! But he is a sweet boy most of the time.
Gavin is 1 1/2 and is very different than Zane. He's the first baby I've had to childproof our house with. He drank from the toilet a few months ago, climbs everything and can now open the fridge and some doors. He also throws anything and everything. I guess he's all boy!
We have our own blog
http://www.doneyfam.blogspot.com/ Check it out!

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