Thursday, March 13, 2008

Howdy-do from the Alldredge Fam! We are all doing good and are excited to keep in contact with all of you. Here's a brief summary of our family:
Sam still works for Sprint as a Project Manager, but is able to work from home. It's great for our fuel consuption.
Laurel (that's me) keeps busy with the kids and housework and laundry and helping her dad once a week with Ensign. And since we don't spend enough time with kids, we serve as the nursery leaders in our ward...yipee!!
Kelly (11) keeps reminding us she goes into Young Women's this year. She is taking piano lessons and is a great baby-sitter for her brothers.
Bentley (9) is the Nintendo guru. Lego Star Wars is his favorite. But he has also started piano lessons so let's hope those finger exercises will pay off. He is a perfectionist, which makes his parents and teachers proud.
Jarom (7) is our family clown. But amazingly he is a perfect angel at school. He is at the top of his class and always does what he is told. If only he could share a little bit of that at home. We're working on it. He does keep his romm clean though.
Jonah (3) is our little handy man. We had to get him his own tools so he would stop taking Daddy's. He always wants to do what the older kids are doing and is Mommy and Daddy's shadow.
Teron (11 months) is a little sweetheart. He finally stopped army crawling and climbing and crawling all over the place. He took his first tumble down the stairs last month, but hasn't learned his lesson since he strives to go for the stairs any chance he can. What a great age!
So that's it for now. We can't wait to hear from the rest of you.

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